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Why November Should Be “Call Your Freelance and Consulting Clients Month”

Corporate clients spend down this year’s funds and plan next year’s initiatives in November. Put yourself on their radar to get in on the action.

November is an ideal time to contact current and past clients. Therefore, for the next few minutes I’m going to claim the month for a holiday that should be invented: Call Your Freelance and Consulting Clients Month.

Why November?

November (and December) offer special opportunities to land new assignments and collect payment.

Your clients may be preparing to wrap up the current year’s financial activity. They may want to conclude a current project and pay it out of this year’s budget. They may want to start next year’s project immediately so they can pay the first installment out of as-yet unspent funds allocated to the past year.

Clients may also want to hit the ground running on new initiatives come January. So by reaching out now, you may be in the right place at just the right time. Why not manufacture your own serendipity?

Wishing your clients a happy holiday season is another reason to contact them before the end of the year.

If you send cards or even treats, do it early, within days of Thanksgiving. This means you should start planning now. You make a stronger impression when your gift is among the first. The executives you most want to impress are still showing up for work rather than signing out for the rest of the year. And if your order is late in shipping, you have time to follow up and assure that the gifts arrive pre-Christmas.

Originally posted 11-18-13

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